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Robert Wickboldt III

Financial services and investing are fields in which Robert Wickboldt III stands out as a significant player. He is currently leading Essex Investments and has a remarkable personal and professional track record that has aided him in building his career.

Growing up in a military family, Robert spent much of his youth in Houston and moved around frequently. After completing high school, he attended Columbia University to further his education. During his college years and early adulthood, he devoted his attention to investments, reading extensively about stock and bond markets, including their history and future.

Robert was drawn to day trading due to his interest in the stock market's potential for new investors. With this strategy, he made short-term investments in various companies based on signals he saw in the market. He has established himself as a professional investment strategist, creating investment strategies used by professional investment firms. His approach involves conducting detailed analyses of individual companies and stocks while considering larger macroeconomic forces.

In 2022, Robert started his investment firm, Essex Investment LLC, in Reno, NV. The company aims to create an alternative investment strategy that can yield long-term investment results. Robert is the firm's managing partner and oversees the investment strategy, incorporating his past experiences in day trading and investing in the stock market.

Wickboldt also invests in real estate, an asset class that provides additional personal cash flow, long-term investment returns, and portfolio diversification. He believes it also helps manage tax liability and contributes to a balanced portfolio, which is advantageous due to the stock market's general volatility.

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